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Faux Painting Furniture Creates a Distinctive Finish

Faux painting furniture is a great way to add a decorative finish to dressers, bookcases tables, or any other type of wood furnishing. Painting a piece of furniture using various techniques – such as marbling, color washing or sponging – makes for a unique finish. These techniques can be used instead of painting furniture a solid color.

There are several types of faux finishes that can be successfully applied to furniture, but before beginning a project, make sure that the furniture is clean, sanded and smooth. If the surface of the furniture has chipping paint or dents, the old paint should be stripped and the dents should be filled with wood filler prior to adding the faux finish.

Oak Wood Graining Technique

Oak wood graining is a fantastic faux wood grain effect. With practice it’s rather easy to accomplish, and when compared to buying a piece of oak furniture, oak graining is much less expensive. Oak ...
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