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The Development of Furniture Styles over Time

Furniture styles have come and gone since the beginning of modern civilization. Archeologists have determined that humans who lived as early as 3,000 B.C. were furniture crafters, and although discovering pieces that existed so long ago are rare, items have been uncovered in ancient tombs as well as during archeological digs.

At one point, thousands of years ago, furniture was extremely basic. It was invented more for convenience rather than for style and decoration. However, over time, when the development of furniture advanced and individuals who owned furniture, such as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, began to add artistic elements to their pieces, specific design styles began to emerge.

The evolution of furniture styles is interesting and full of historical significance. After reading descriptions of specific antique furniture styles, it becomes obviously apparent just how influential immigration, economic factors, politics, artistic movements, and countless other environmental factors had on the development of furniture over time.

Victorian Style Furniture

Perfect in Victorian Homes Victorian style furniture can blend well in many different types of homes, but they look exceptional in old Victorian homes. The Victorian era, which ...
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Queen Anne Furniture

History Queen Anne furniture ushered in a new era for furniture makers in England, combining graceful lines never seen before with another new feature: comfort! Queen Anne was the ...
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William and Mary Style Furniture

William and Mary style furniture was inspired by the reign of William III and Mary II, who ruled England, Ireland, and Scotland from 1689 to 1702. William was from Holland, which ...
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