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How to Hunt for Spectacular Finds at Thrift Shops

Most people love finding a bargain. For those looking for inexpensive functional or decorative pieces, hours spent in thrift shops are usually exciting and fulfilling. You might discover a collectible comic book, an antique table, or a good set of used golf clubs. You never know what you’ll find, and new items arrive often. What […]

Colored Epoxy Table

A small table was used for this project. It was in need for a new look, used 2 part clear epoxy with a combination of metallic powders, spray paint and dyes.
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How To Finish Your Outdoor Furniture and Keep Them Looking Good

When the summer arrives, and it’s time to display those garden furniture, you would want them looking their best for when friends and family come over. To do so, you will have to give your outdoor furniture the protection they need as the sun can turn them grey, and rain can lead to wood rotting. […]

How to Use Antique Style Furniture in Modern Interior?

Almost everyone loves classic and vintage furniture. Although we are in an era of modern technology and minimalist design, an antique can bring elegance to our interior. No matter how modern an interior is, traditional furniture can easily fit in if you know exactly where and how to place them. A modern interior can be […]


I found a hutch top and coffee table on the curb and thought I could do something with this.
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Step by step guide on how to apply stain over wood filler.

Wood filler is an excellent material which you can use to fill any cavity that may occur on a furniture surface due to natural wear and tear conditions or unintended abrasions. Applying a wood filler to a cracked or holed wood surface is simple and hardly can anyone notice the use of a wood filler […]

10 Signs You Should Invest In Sofa Repairing

Reupholstering a sofa as opposed to supplanting it can conceivably spare you cash, however, the cost isn’t generally the most critical component of the choice. Procuring a decent upholsterer can be practically as costly as purchasing another piece, so the things that make the employment justified, despite all the trouble are more individual ...
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Tips for Taking Proper Care of the Furniture

The beauty and elegance of your house depend on the furniture you choose to fill it with. Without the furniture, a house is just an empty building. It becomes your home when you furnish it and put your individual touch to the building. If you have furniture in your house then it is important that […]

Refinishing a coffee table.

This particular piece of furniture was previously refinished. Unfortunately the preparation and finishing was not done correctly. There are many deep scratches on the top and runs/drips on the finish. To begin this project I removed the finish and stain from the top and sanded the legs and sides. The top is in the worst […]

Cost to Refinish Furniture

You’ve probably heard that the cost of refinishing furniture is excessive. Actually, the cost of refinishing furniture varies greatly depending on a number of factors. And while I wouldn’t say it’s inexpensive, the cost of having a piece refinished is often one quarter to one half of the cost of purchasing a similar new piece. […]