Article Submission Guidelines

Site related guest posts are accepted.  Everyone is invited to participate.


Topics: All submitted articles/posts or ideas must be about furniture refinishing or the other topics covered on  Just take a quick look at the categories in the right navigation for inspiration.

Minimum Length: Although I don’t want to limit anyone’s creativity, I prefer a minimum of 400 words for a post.

Formatting: No special formatting is required, all is done through the Submit Article form. Please use the simple formatting tools provided.

Images: You can add images to your ideas- I do prefer images if you have any. If the image is borrowed from elsewhere include the necessary proper licensing and attribution.

Videos: Videos can be included. Include any necessary proper licensing and attribution if needed.

Terms: All submitted content must be original and remains never republished for the lifetime of my site.

Links: Links to other sites are allowed in the article, post or comment submitted. 1 link in the article and 1 link in the author’s bio only.  Use caution to not be spammy.  Only under special circumstances will more be allowed. Contact us if you need anything special. You are allowed a link on your Author’s Profile; this is the place to promote your business or website.  All you need to do is register for membership, regular or pro depending on your situation; registration is free. Your article, post or comment will link to your author’s profile. (NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse any link included with the article or other content submitted.)

By-Line/Authors Bio: An author’s bio or bi-line isn’t needed. Your article will link directly to your authors profile, if you choose to join. Please include your name and location with the submitted content.

Authors Profile: All authors are welcome to register for a profile. Your contribution will also link to your profile. (optional)