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The Purpose of Applying Wood Finishes to Furniture is to Protect the Wood

It is important to learn the significance of applying wood finishes to furniture after the pieces are painted or stained. Clear wood finishes are meant to protect the wood and reduce the risk of damage that can be caused by accidental water stains, burns, scratches, dents, and dings. However, not only do finishes provide an essential layer of protection to furniture, but they also make the furniture look clean and attractive.

Why Applying Clear Wood Finishes is Important

After spending countless hours removing old paint and/or finish, sanding, filling holes with wood filler, gluing loose joints, cleaning and prepping a piece for furniture, and then finally painting or staining the furniture, why would you not want to add protective layer? Applying finishes to furniture is a great way to ensure the resilience and life of your newly refinished piece.

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