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Easy Furniture Repairs Take Minimal Effort

There are many easy furniture repairs that can be done without the help of a professional. When dealing with old or antique furniture, there are often problems that develop over time due to the stresses and strains put on the piece over the years. Rather than lugging a piece of furniture to a repair shop, try to fix the piece by following a few simple instructions. You will probably find that making minor repairs to antique furniture is relatively simple!

It Really Can Be Easy to Fix!

Don’t let wood furniture frustrate you just because it wobbles. Don’t throw away an old chair just because it has a broken spindle! Even the most inexperienced woodworkers can fix simple problems associated with antique furniture. Easy furniture repairs can be attempted at home with minimal effort and just a few materials.

Breaks in Wood

Breaks in Wood are Not Uncommon and Can Be Fixed with the Correct Tools Breaks in wood can happen on even the most expensive pieces of furniture. A break on a wood bookcase is not as common as a break on a wood ...
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Fix Your Wobbly Chairs

Wobbly Chairs are Caused by Loose Joints The most common reason for wobbly chairs is loose joints. Have you ever sat in a chair that wobbles? It feels like a constant swaying or rocking motion is occurring when the ...
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Removing Old Nails and Pins

Removing Old Nails and Pins in Wood Can Be Harder than it Looks It seems like removing old nails and pins from wood should be simple enough. Using the claw end of a hammer should do the job, right? In ...
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Removing and Replacing Old Screws

Removing and Replacing Old Screws Can be Complicated if the Screws are Antique Removing and replacing old screws that exist in antique furniture is sometimes a very simple job. In the best case ...
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