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French Polishing is a Classic Finish for Wood Furniture

Have you ever heard of French polishing? If you have not heard of this technique for finishing wood furniture, you have most certainly seen a French polished piece of furniture or a French polished piece of wood. The technique is considered to be “classic.” It is a type of wood finish that was popular in the late 19th century during the Victorian era, but is still seen today in specific circumstances.

The term “French Polishing” does not refer to a specific brand of finish. It can better be described as a method of adding several layers of shellac combined with denatured alcohol to a piece of furniture using a method of rubbing until the finish is smooth. The end result is a very glossy and glass-like finish that provides depth and deep color to the furniture.

French Polishing Takes Practice

It is not easy to learn the art of French polishing. Many who have been working in the furniture refinishing business for years do not know how to accomplish the perfect looking French polish on a piece of furniture. Nonetheless, French polishing techniques can be learned with adequate practice and a willingness to use a lot of elbow grease!

French Polish Supplies

List of Important Materials Needed for French Polishing French polishing requires a few needed materials. The most important supplies that are required at the beginning of any project are: Shellac Flakes ...
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French Polish – Making the Pad

Making a French Polish Application Pad Requires Only Two Materials Making an appropriate French polish pad is extremely important in the process of adding shellac to a piece of antique wood ...
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