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Don’t Live with Scratches on Your Furniture: Repairing Finishes is Possible!

Repairing finishes on furniture can usually be completed with the right tools, the right materials, and the right amount of effort. The finish on furniture, especially old furniture that has endured decades of use and abuse from its owners, is often damaged in one way or another. The most common damages to finish occur by accident – – a wet glass of water is placed on the surface, a hot cup of coffee is put down without a coaster, a cat scratches it, a child puts a sticker on it, or a cigarette falls on it and causes a burn mark.

Most furniture owners become upset when the finish on their furniture is damaged, but they learn to live with the blemishes and scratches, and they cover up the areas with vases, a tablecloth, magazines, or other decorations. They do not attempt to fix the damaged areas because they simply do not know how to repair wood finishes. However, it is possible to repair furniture finish by spending a minimal amount of money and exerting a small amount of effort.

The methods to use when attempting to repair the finish on a piece of furniture depend on the materials used to originally finish the wood. Is the piece finished with lacquer? Varnish? Stain? Paint? The type of finish will dictate the methods you will use to attempt repairs.

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