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Tips for Stripping the Finish off Furniture

Many methods can be used for stripping the finish off furniture. Some paint stripping techniques include sanding, scraping and dipping. Using the correct type of stripping solution and materials, and also following safety instructions, can make the process easy.

If you are going to strip the finish off a piece of furniture, it is essential to prepare for the project. Do not start the stripping process before setting up a proper work space, obtaining the correct materials, and allotting enough time to complete the entire process.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Considerations Before Stripping the Finish

Things To Take Into Consideration Before Stripping the Finish off Old Furniture Have you thought about what to take into consideration before stripping the finish off a piece of furniture? If it is your first time completing this type of job, you must prepare yourself for a messy project. There is almost no possibility of […]
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Furniture Stripping Safety

There Are Many Safety Precautions to Follow When Stripping the Finish off Furniture Safety is a top concern when using furniture strippers. The chemicals in strippers are dangerous and can lead to health conditions if they are not used properly. However, they can be used safely if the appropriate precautions are followed. The most common ...
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Using a Paint-Varnish Stripper

Using a Stripper to Remove Old Furniture Finish Involves Working with Powerful Chemicals If you are thinking of using a stripper to remove the old finish from an antique piece of furniture, you should be aware of certain issues surrounding the use of powerful chemicals. There are a few different ways to strip furniture, but […]
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Sanding Off the Finish

Part of the Refinishing Process Includes Sanding Off the Finish Sanding off the finish is one of the most important steps in the furniture refinishing process. In order to achieve a smooth surface, the process of sanding should not be skipped. It is not possible to obtain a smooth surface on wood by simply applying […]
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Scraping Off the Finish

Stripping Furniture Can Require Scraping off the Finish Scraping the finish off an old piece of furniture can be a great project. Once the finish is removed, the piece can be refinished and made to look like new! But before jumping too far ahead, it is important to learn a little bit about the process […]
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