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In the past, the types of wood available for furniture were limited to the trees growing in the craftsman’s local area. Today, however, it’s possible to order an unusual wood (or furniture made from it) from the other side of the world and have it arrive in a few days.

Wood is grouped into two broad categories: hardwood and softwood. It’s a common misconception that the deciding factor is a wood’s density or hardness. Take balsa wood, for example. It is one of the lightest and easiest to work with woods available. But, technically speaking, it’s a hardwood.

Everyone knows that solid wood furniture looks better and lasts longer than synthetic versions. All wood furniture can be custom finished, but the final result depends a great deal on the beginning color and grain pattern of the wood. Some types of wood furniture are defined more by the type of wood they’re constructed from than their design!

These articles will help you find your favorite furniture wood species and refinish accordingly.

Fir Wood Furniture

Fir wood is commonly used in the construction industry. It is strong, stable, and can be used for framing a building. In some cases, fir wood is used to create furniture. It is not the most common type of wood ...
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