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Wood Stains are used to Enhance the Grain on Wood Furniture

There are a number of different wood stains available for purchase at your local hardware store. Wood stains are made of a solvent that has been combined with a variety of dyes and pigments that add color and tone to wood. The type to choose depends on the natural grain of the wood and the desired stain color.

The purpose of stain is to enhance the grain on the wood, but some stains are designed to produce a dark tone and almost hide the wood’s grain. Stain does not dry to a protective finish, so once it is applied it must be covered with a finishing product.

Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner

Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner is Used to Ensure an Even Application of Stain Pre-stain wood conditioner does not have to be applied to all types of wood prior to adding a coating of stain. For example, oak is a type of wood that does not require a pre-treatment. However, wood that is considered to be “soft” […]
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Oil Base Wood Stain

Oil Base Wood Stains are Easier to Apply than Water Base Stains Because they are Slower to Dry Oil Base Wood Stains vs. Water Base Stains – Which is the Best? Oil base wood stain and water base wood stain are both used to add pigment or color to the surface of wood. When stain […]
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Aniline Dyes

Aniline Dyes Provide a Translucent Color to Wood Furniture Aniline dyes are substances used to add color to wood, clothing and leather. When used on wood furniture, the product provides a translucent color. Therefore, after it is applied the grain of the wood still shows. Some describe the effect that aniline dye has on wood […]
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