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Your Workspace, Tools and General Materials Should be Kept Organized and Clean

Before starting a furniture refinishing project, make sure to have an established workspace, tools, and general materials ready. It helps to have your workspace clean and organized so you can focus on your project rather than worrying about where to find miscellaneous tools and supplies after your project is already started.

Your workspace, tools and general materials will make all the difference in how successful you are with your project, so make sure to prepare your furniture workspace and get your tools organized before starting.

Following is a list of ideas, tools and materials that will come in handy during the various stages of the furniture refinishing process.

Steel Wool

Steel Wool Comes in Seven Grades – Each Used for a Different Purpose Steel wool, which is sometimes referred to as wire wool, is an abrasive material that looks like a large grayish cotton ball or cotton pad. It is ...
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Paint and Finish Strippers

Refinishing Wood Furniture By Hand Involves Using Paint and Finish Strippers When using paint and finish strippers there are several tips of the trade that people new to this type of project may or may ...
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