Cherry Wood Furniture – Solid Cherry Wood Furniture is Smooth, Durable, High-Quality and Satiny

By Karl

Cherry wood furniture is easy to spot because of its unique color. Cherry wood that is used for furniture making purposes has a pinkish-brown or reddish-brown color. This type of wood is known to darken over time, so pieces of cherry antique furniture are usually a dark reddish-brown shade. Furniture made of cherry that is exposed to direct sunlight will darken faster than cherry wood that is kept in a dimly lit room or away from windows.

Characteristics of Cherry Wood

Just as every type of wood, cherry has its own unique characteristics. Following are some of the identifying factors that make cherry wood distinctive:

  • Rich Color
  • High Quality Grain
  • Does not Readily Warp
  • Polishes Nicely
  • Resembles Mahogany
  • Natural Luster
  • Heavy and Hard
  • Easy to Carve
  • Silky
  • Closed Grain


Cherry wood is not only used for making cabinets and furniture, but it is often a top choice for hardwood floors and musical instruments. Cherry wood is flexible, easy to carve, and pliable. It is a very popular wood to use in many situations. Even though cherry wood tends to darken over time, there are options when it comes to the shade. Unfinished and finished cherry wood furniture can be either on the light or dark side. You should expect the furniture to darken over time, but the lightest variety will not darken as much as wood that is originally on the darker side of the color spectrum.

The Cost of Cherry Furniture

For such a durable and nice-looking wood, cherry furniture is not as expensive as some made of other types of wood. There are two ways that cherry furniture can be purchased: either solid or veneer. Solid cherry wood furniture is constructed of unaltered pieces of solid cherry. Veneer cherry wood furniture is made of a thin layer of cherry that has been applied to another type of wood on the backside. On veneered pieces, the thin layer of cherry is what shows, but the piece is not considered “solid wood.” Additionally, veneered cherry furniture is less expensive than solid cherry pieces.

Why Choose Cherry?

Cherry is a type of wood that will never lose its appeal. No matter how light or deep the shade of the wood, the appearance of items made of cherry are warm and inviting. Cherry matches almost every type of home décor and it blends well with walls painted in almost every color. Solid cherry wood is also high quality and will last for decades if it is cared for properly.

Cherry Cabinets

Cherry wood furniture goes exceptionally well in kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms that also have cherry cabinets. Cherry is a popular choice when it comes to cabinetry because it is a hard wood, it is strong, and it has a smooth-looking grain.

Solid Cherry Sideboard Image provided by Woodland Creek Furniture-

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