Choosing Paint Colors for Furniture

By Karl

Choosing Paint Colors for Furniture will Depend on the Style of the Piece and Where it Will be Placed in the Home

Choosing colors for painting furniture can be a fun project! With a layer of paint, an old and dilapidated piece of furniture that was purchased at a garage sale for $5 can be transformed into a modern, usable and beautiful piece of furniture. For some people, the hardest part of painting a piece of furniture is deciding on paint colors. For others, the most difficult aspect is the actual process of painting.

Painting furniture is not as complicated as painting a portrait on a canvas.

It does not require quite as much artistic skill. The ability to strip old paint off furniture, use sand paper, select new paint colors, and apply primer are the only steps required to begin the furniture painting process.

How to Choose a Great Paint Color for Furniture?

Choosing colors comes easy for some people. Those with an eye for color and decoration are able to walk into a paint store that contains thousands of shades and pick one or two that will look absolutely fantastic on a piece of furniture. A problem arises, however, if you are not the type of person that can select a great color out of a wall full of paint samples.

For people who do not have a “paint color selecting talent,” there are a few resources for inexpensive or free help:

The internet. The internet is an excellent source for furniture painting ideas. All you have to do is complete a search for the type of furniture that you are wishing to paint using specific key terms. Examples:

  • “Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom Furniture”
  • “Examples of Painted Kitchen Furniture”
  • “What Color Should I Paint My Wood Desk”

These keywords will provide you with links to a multitude of pictures of painted furniture. Hopefully, you will find an example that you love and can use as a guide.

Magazines. There are dozens of home decorating magazines that provide detailed pictures of painted furniture. Choosing colors for your piece of furniture will be easier after looking at examples. Just because a picture of painted furniture exists in a magazine does not mean that an exact replica cannot be completed by you at home. The great thing about using magazines as a source of inspiration is that professional interior designers chose the colors for the pieces that are featured in print. You can use their expertise and follow their examples by simply purchasing a magazine for $5 – instead of hiring an interior decorator for hundreds of dollars.

Books. Similar to magazines, books offer great ideas for furniture paint colors. Books are usually a bit more in-depth when it comes to helping select colors. Additionally, books are often focused on particular styles or particular rooms of a house. For example, it may be possible to locate a book that is dedicated to showing paint colors for bedroom furniture. Again, this option is less expensive than hiring an interior decorator. Most libraries carry furniture painting books which can be checked out for free!

Paint Stores. There are many specialty paint stores located in most cities. These are stores that sell only paint, paint supplies, and items related to painting and wall decoration. Specialty paint stores are not the same as hardware stores. Stores that are dedicated to paint often employ people that give excellent advice to customers on choosing colors for furniture painting projects. It is a good idea to take a picture of the furniture that will be painted, and bring it to the store so that the person working there can look at a reference.

Choosing colors for painting furniture is either easy or hard. The level of difficulty depends on the artistic ability of the person who is selecting the paint colors. Some have a very easy time envisioning what a piece of furniture will look like after it is painted. Others cannot picture what a transformed piece of furniture will look like until the project is complete. If you feel that you need help choosing paint colors for furniture, there are plenty of free and low-cost sources of inspiration and advice.

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