Fir Wood Furniture

By Karl

Fir wood is commonly used in the construction industry. It is strong, stable, and can be used for framing a building. In some cases, fir wood is used to create furniture. It is not the most common type of wood used to create tables, chairs, and other furniture items because it can be difficult to stain and it does not have much natural character. The wood is relatively inexpensive, so it is sometimes used to make lower-end furniture items.

Fir vs. Pine

Fir and pine are two similar types of softwoods. They are often used to complete similar projects. But even though they might not be distinguishable by a novice, anyone that really knows their types of wood will attest to the fact that the two are different. Fir is, by far, a much stronger wood than pine. The grain lines in fir are straight. This denotes stability. In pine wood, the grain lines are wide. This characteristic can cause the wood to warp.

Typical Characteristics of Fir Wood:

  • Straight Grain Pattern
  • Closed Grained
  • Reddish-Brown Color
  • Reliable and Stable
  • Inexpensive

Fir Furniture

It is not common to locate fir furniture. Because pine and fir woods are very similar in price and availability, most inexpensive furniture is made with pine instead of fir. Pine simply looks better than fir on a finished piece of furniture. Fir can be described as relatively uninteresting and lackluster. And, fir furniture must be painted because the wood does not work well with most types of stain. Because of its limitations, fir is usually reserved for construction projects in which the wood is used for structure and strength, but will be invisible behind drywall or other construction materials.

How to Make Fir Look Good

The primary reason that fir wood is not normally used to create furniture is that it is not easy to finish. When working with a wood that is difficult to finish, making the piece look presentable can be difficult. There are methods, however, that can be used to enhance the beauty of a piece of fir furniture. It is almost impossible to achieve a smooth surface when sanding fir. White washing or applying another type of faux finish to fir wood often works well because it covers the uneven surface that is usually present in fir.

Outdoor Fir Furniture

Fir wood is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture such as Adirondack chairs and picnic tables. It is a wood that is not adversely affected by moisture. When it becomes damp or wet it does not warp or dry out of shape. It retains its original size, it does not split, and it is not prone to decay. Due to the reasons listed above, most outdoor furniture that is made of fir wood is painted. As long as the furniture is maintained properly it will last for many years.

Image of Writing Table and Chair provided by Arrowleaf Studio-

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