How to Use Antique Style Furniture in Modern Interior?

Almost everyone loves classic and vintage furniture. Although we are in an era of modern technology and minimalist design, an antique can bring elegance to our interior. No matter how modern an interior is, traditional furniture can easily fit in if you know exactly where and how to place them.

A modern interior can be nicely decorated with antique reproduction furniture by following some simple but effective rules:

Keep the colour in mind
A room full of non-matching hues creates a chaotic atmosphere. Hence, it’s highly recommended by the interior designers that you arrange your classic-themed furniture by colour. Consider your modern décor into this colour arrangement as well. It helps uniformity and peaceful vibe in the room.

Mix old with new
Only because you want some antique-designed furniture doesn’t mean you can’t put them with modern décor. In fact, mixing old with the new design will create an immense visual appeal. When you are putting traditional aged care furniture in the modern frame of a nursing home can keep family history alive.

For example, you can use a wooden pedestal with modern chairs. On the other hand, an empire crystal cabinet will bring a classic feeling in your modern kitchen.

Don’t put them hidden
When it comes to antique, there’s an instinct to keep them out of touch. It gives that furniture almost an “off limit” look. Interior designers recommend that you should keep those vintage reproductions accessible. It helps to bring a homelier appearance to your interior.

Bring life to the corridor
Most of the house has a monochromatic corridor. An antique reproduction may add some warmth and personality to that place. So, if you want to bring life to the boring corridor at your home or office, just place a mahogany hall stand or D table and put a flower vase on it.

Focus on simplicity
You don’t need huge furniture to bring luxurious feelings in your home. Some stuff matches nicely with the modern décor while giving it a simple and elegant look. Replace your dressing table with a cheval mirror. This elegant piece of furniture will help you have a detailed view while keeping your bedroom simple. You don’t need to drill the wall. Besides, a full-length mirror helps to make the room looks bigger.

Think outside of the box
Some furniture can be used for different purposes. When you are decorating the interior with antique reproduction, place them in a different place for a different use. If you have a vintage-designed bedside, put it in the living room to stash things. Also, a 2 door Victorian bookcase can make a nice home bar.

Creating a blend of design style from two different periods requires a critical eye.  You need to create a cohesive look that evolves over time. Arrange them thoughtfully and harmoniously and avoid any potential clashes between the past and the future.

Author Bio: Emma Sneddon, a freelance writer and an independent blogger. She mostly writes about sustainable and alternative living solutions. As a follower of healthy and spiritual living, she’s big on outdoor activities and in love with teak outdoor furniture. You can check her out on Twitter.

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