Refinishing a coffee table.


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This particular piece of furniture was previously refinished. Unfortunately the preparation and finishing was not done correctly. There are many deep scratches on the top and runs/drips on the finish.

To begin this project I removed the finish and stain from the top and sanded the legs and sides. The top is in the worst shape so full sanding was needed. A belt sander was used, began using 60 grit and finished with 120 grit. For the legs and sides hand sanding with a medium/fine sanding block was used. Finally a worn out fine sanding block was used to finish. Sanding sucks but it has to be done.

After sanding and removing the dust, stain is applied. A gel stain, Old Masters, was applied. The stain just wouldn’t look rich enough so I used shading varnish. For this I mixed the spar varnish and stain together at a 1-1 ratio. This mix cannot be brushed, as streaks of color would appear in the finish. I sprayed it with a touch-up gun that holds about a pint of shading varnish. After 3 thin coats the color looks great

Application of the protective clear finish was next. Varnish was used; I applied several thin coats with a light sanding and tacking in between each coat.

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