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Types of Finishes for Wood Furniture

There are many types of finishes for wood furniture, and the one to choose should depend more on how the furniture will be used rather than the type of wood that makes up the piece.

A few questions to ask before choosing a wood finish are:

Will the wood piece be a decoration or will it be used?
Will people be sitting at the piece of furniture to eat or drink on a regular basis?
Will the furniture be placed inside or outside?
Do you want to apply the finish with a spray gun, a rag, or a brush?
Do you want the finish to be glossy, colored, matted or almost invisible?
Surface Finish vs. Penetrating Finish

Which to Choose?

There are quite a few types of finishes for wood furniture, and there are pros and cons associated with each one. While some provide a heavy-duty seal on a piece of furniture, others provide a more natural look. Some are easy to apply and others require the use of special equipment. Some repel water and some do not provide much protection from accidental water spills. The types of finishes available are plentiful, so a little bit of research should be completed before choosing the best finish for your piece of furniture.


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Linseed Oil Finish

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