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Colored Epoxy Table

A small table was used for this project. It was in need for a new look, used 2 part clear epoxy with a combination of metallic powders, spray paint and dyes.


I found a hutch top and coffee table on the curb and thought I could do something with this.

Refinishing a coffee table.

This particular piece of furniture was previously refinished. Unfortunately the preparation and finishing was not done correctly. There are many deep scratches on the top and ...
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Cost to Refinish Furniture

You’ve probably heard that the cost of refinishing furniture is excessive. Actually, the cost of refinishing furniture varies greatly depending on a number of factors. And while ...
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Furniture Restoration Services

Furniture Restoration Services — What is furniture restoration and what can a service do for you? Whether to use a professional furniture restoration service, or attempt the ...
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Distressing Furniture

The Process of Distressing Furniture Adds an Aged Look Distressing a piece of relatively new furniture is a great way to make it look older than it really is. Old furniture has ...
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Glazing Furniture

Glazing Furniture – Common paint glazing techniques to try for a one of a kind look. Glazing furniture is used in antiquing furniture to change the surface of the piece. Glazing ...
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Crackle Painting Furniture

Crackling is a Way to add an Antique Look to Any Piece of Wood Furniture Crackling is a popular method of painting that can be used on both furniture and walls. When applied to ...
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