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Wood Fillers Can Fix Open Grain, Scratches and Dents on Furniture

There are two categories of wood fillers. The first falls under the “wood putty” category. This type of wood filler is thick and it is used to fill in wood that has experienced cracking, scratches, or deep gouges due to accidental damage. The second category of wood filler is referred to as “wood grain filler,” and this type of filler is usually used on wood that has an “open” grain. It is essential to use wood grain filler on open-grained wood when a “glass-like” surface finish is desired.

Why Use Wood Filler?

Some people love the look of natural wood — with all of its normal blemishes, dings and dents. However, most people who own wood furniture want it to be without imperfections. Using wood filler on furniture before adding finish or paint allows the wood to look smooth and feel bump-free. Also, wood fillers are commonly used to fill in the gaps that often appear between wood joints on a piece of furniture.

Lean about the different types of wood filler and how best to use them.

Using Wood Grain Filler

Using Wood Grain Filler is the Best Way to Produce a Smooth Surface on Open Grained Wood Furniture Before discussing how using wood grain filler will produce a very smooth surface on certain types of woods, it’s important to first understand what wood grain filler is. Often referred to as “grain filler” or “paste wood […]
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Best Wood Fillers

The Best Wood Fillers Will Cover Dents, Dings and other Blemishes Wood fillers are great for fixing holes or dents in furniture. When new pulls or knobs are added to drawers, wood filler can be used to fill in the old holes. Also, wood filler can be used to fix areas that have been damaged […]
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Furniture Scratch Fillers

Some Furniture Scratch Fillers can be Made of Regular Household Products Scratch fillers are available for purchase in many local hardware stores, but did you realize that it is possible to fix a scratch in your wood furniture using items such as lemon juice, olive oil, nuts, crayons, make-up, shoe polish and iodine? Depending on […]
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Wood Grain Fillers

Fill Pores and Holes on Open-Grained Wood Wood grain fillers help to smooth the surface of certain types of wood before stain, finish or paint is applied. Fillers are either water-based or oil-based and are used on the types of wood that are considered to have an “open grain.” In most cases, wood that is […]
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