FTC Disclosure for Furniture-Refinishing-Guide.com

In order to comply with the FTC discloser rules I need to explain a few things about articles and reviews on Furniture-Refinishing-Guide.com. The FTC rules mandate that all blogs declare their relationship with the products, services and/or companies written about.

Furniture-Refinishing-Guide.com is not paid to write articles. I don’t plan on writing any articles in exchange for money but if this happens then the article will be clearly labeled as such.

Products reviewed by the editor of Furniture-Refinishing-Guide.com are either purchased from a local supplier or were provided for free. Furniture-Refinishing-Guide.com is not responsible for reviews or comments provided by site visitors.

Furniture-Refinishing-Guide.com makes money from our affiliates and on site advertising. This includes Google AdSense and Amazon Product Links. Assume all links and advertising banners to online stores and sales pages “could” provide House-Painting-Info.com with some type of compensation.

Thank You,
Karl Crowder
(Owner and webmaster of Furniture-Refinishing-Guide.com)