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Follow A Few Simple Rules to Prevent Wood Furniture Damage

Preventing damage to wood furniture is the first step to ensuring that your wood furniture lasts for many decades. Furniture care is relatively easy if a few simple rules of thumb are followed. However, the key to preventing furniture damage lies in not only knowing about the type of wood that was used to make the furniture, but also about the other components incorporated within the piece – such as metals, glass, plastics, various other materials, and veneers. All of these components play a role in how the wood furniture should be cleaned, where it should be placed, and how it should be transported.

Preventing damage is much cheaper than repair. Learn how to properly clean your furniture and deal with some minor finish damage with these articles.

Tips for Taking Proper Care of the Furniture

The beauty and elegance of your house depend on the furniture you choose to fill it with. Without the furniture, a house is just an empty building. It becomes your home when you furnish it and put your individual touch to the building. If you have furniture in your house then it is important that […]
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Furniture Cleaning Does Not Have to be Complicated

Cleaning wood furniture is a chore that must be completed on occasion. Sometimes, the cleaning is as simple as using a rag to wipe down the furniture, and other times it involves attempting to remove difficult stains. There are many tips and tricks to making the wood furniture cleaning process simple and easy. Following are […]
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Cleaning Wood Furniture

So you’ve found a steal; that coffee table you picked up is sturdy and still has its original gorgeous hardware. So what if the finish is cloudy and dark, right? It can easily be stripped and replaced! Maybe not. In many cases, all old furniture needs is a good cleaning. Here’s why: traditional thinking held […]
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Water Damage – White Rings

Removing Water Stains from Wood Furniture Involves Using an Iron Water damage and white rings on wood furniture can happen in the blink of an eye. One of the most common causes of water damage is people leaving glasses filled with either cold or hot liquids on tabletops for short periods of time. This happens […]
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Furniture Fading Can Be Prevented By Avoiding Direct Sunlight

Fading is a big problem for wood furniture that is placed in direct sunlight. Even with the protection of a window, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause the wood on a piece of furniture to deteriorate and lighten over time. Especially when objects are placed on the furniture during the sun exposure, the end result […]
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