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Want to Know How to Paint Furniture? Follow These Steps…

Painting furniture, no matter what type of furniture it is, involves a few steps. The exact number of steps will depend on whether or not the furniture is new, old, finished, unfinished, broken, in great condition, or if it is damaged in any way. Also, the steps to take will depend on the furniture painting techniques you wish to try, as well as the color and type of finish you want the furniture to have when it is completed.

It is exciting to paint an old piece of furniture because the piece will look rejuvenated and new once it’s done. Painting is easy if you follow the necessary steps and take your time.

Milk Paint Finish

Milk Paint is an Environmentally Friendly Finish that has Been around for Thousands of Years A milk paint finish is common on antique furniture. Milk paint finishes have been used for thousands of years to add color and definition to wood furniture. It is a top finish choice because it can be found in environmentally […]
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Enamel Paint

Enamel Paint Can Be Applied Right over an Old Finish on Wood Furniture Enamel paint is an excellent choice for finishing wood furniture. Applying enamel to furniture is usually referred to as “Enameling.” Applying enamel paints to furniture produces a durable and attractive finish. The nice thing about enamel paint is that it can easily ...
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Types of Paint for Furniture

Common Questions and Answers about Types of Paint for Furniture Different types of paint should be used for different types of wood furniture. Before beginning a furniture painting project, make sure to read the common questions and answers listed below. No matter what type of paint is selected, it is important that the furniture is […]
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Prepare Furniture for Painting

Correctly Prepare Furniture for Painting to Yield the Best Results To prepare furniture for painting, you must first get the wood ready. It can be easy to side-step the preparation process, but following recommended furniture preparation techniques will yield better results and help the paint last a lot longer. Most wood furniture that will be ...
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Choosing Paint Colors for Furniture

Choosing Paint Colors for Furniture will Depend on the Style of the Piece and Where it Will be Placed in the Home Choosing colors for painting furniture can be a fun project! With a layer of paint, an old and dilapidated piece of furniture that was purchased at a garage sale for $5 can be […]
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