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Furniture refinishers often do much more than refinish furniture. While the processes of furniture refinishing and furniture restoration are not the same, the name “furniture refinisher” is often used as an umbrella term that includes many services. In fact, most companies or individuals which call themselves furniture refinishers also specialize in: furniture restoration services, furniture repair, upholstery, and some even make reproduction furniture. So, if you’re searching specifically for a furniture restoration company, don’t be surprised (or alarmed) if you end up in a furniture refinisher’s shop.

But before you make that first contact with a furniture refinisher, I encourage you to educate yourself on furniture restoration, furniture refinishing, and the cost associated with furniture refinishing. I’ll help by giving you tips on how to choose a refinishing company, how to choose restoration services, and even discuss whether you should attempt the restoration or refinishing of furniture yourself.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Sofa Repairing

Reupholstering a sofa as opposed to supplanting it can conceivably spare you cash, however, the cost isn’t generally the most critical component of the choice. Procuring a decent upholsterer can be practically as costly as purchasing another piece, so the things that make the employment justified, despite all the trouble are more individual ...
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Cost to Refinish Furniture

You’ve probably heard that the cost of refinishing furniture is excessive. Actually, the cost of refinishing furniture varies greatly depending on a number of factors. And while I wouldn’t say it’s inexpensive, the cost of having a piece refinished is often one quarter to one half of the cost of purchasing a similar new piece. […]
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Finding a Furniture Refinishing Service

If you’ve acquired an antique in less than stellar condition, you may be considering the help of a furniture refinishing service. If you’re like me, you may see splendor in all pieces, whether they’re finely tuned to their former glory, or just a beauty in the rough. But even I make the decision to refinish […]
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Furniture Restoration Services

Furniture Restoration Services — What is furniture restoration and what can a service do for you? Whether to use a professional furniture restoration service, or attempt the furniture restoration yourself is a tricky question. – And if you have a soft spot for antique furniture like I do, then sooner or later you’ll be faced with […]
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